Leonard D. Orr

Leonard Orr Testimonial - image

Aaron is a dependable and talented Rebirthing Breathworker. He cares for all of his clients and gives them good service.

In Truth, Simplicity, and Love,


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Aaron provides an authentically embodied presence that supports the growth that emerges in rebirthing breath work. He delicately and attentively holds space when I’m processing through the layers of depth within me to be explored. When my feelings are guiding the process he knows when to be silent and when to be encouraging in a calm and accepting manner.

If I get stuck or I lose track of breathing, he carefully and consciously reminds me and guides me in a welcome suggestive way that invites my process to flow in a natural way.

I feel well taken care of and nurtured throughout the entire experience. I’m always very grateful for honoring myself with a breath work session with Aaron.

Ayesha F.

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I am a mother of two teen agers and also have a demanding job. I consistently feel overwhelmed by my responsibilities. A session with Aaron put me in a state of deep relaxation. Afterwards, I was able to reflect with Aaron upon how to access that state of relaxation through consistent breathing techniques.

David K.

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I highly recommend ‘Rebirthing’ as a very effective healing practice and I also highly recommend Aaron as a very effective healing practitioner. The two combined are a perfect fit.

Aaron knows this work very well and is present, generous and caring and I feel completely safe and nurtured every session. This allows me to go very deep and experience much healing and transformation. I feel very grateful to have crossed paths with Aaron.


Krisztina Testimonial for Aaron - image

I had a chance to work with Aaron on my breathing in various settings. I enjoyed being part of the group he organized. He is a type of leader most people feel safe with which helps to create trust within the group. He has a gentle spirit. This comes from truly understanding human emotions, even the darker ones and he also knows how to transform them. We not only worked on our breathing but he also prepared some exercises for us which helped to gain great insights about ourselves. He is a self-reflective, compassionate, personable leader and teacher. He observed my breathing many times in one-and-one settings as well. I always feel safe with him. He is a great listener, asks questions, offers great insights and responds in a way that I feel heard. He is knowledgeable about the breathing process, points out issues in my breathing if it is necessary. He taught me how important the integration part is at the very end. I also observed him working with somebody with very difficult emotions. He stayed present the whole time. He was engaged and encouraging. He showed me a new way being with someone when they breathe.