The physical practice of yoga (asana) was intended to prepare the body for deep relaxation. 

Meet Bhagavati - Aaron's beloved partner and advanced yogini. Bhagavati has been studying yoga since 1997 and teaching in various capacities around the globe since 2000. Bhagavati completed the Living Yoga program in 2007 and then upon returning from her pilgrimage to India in 2010, completed 200 hours of registered yoga training. After the birth of her daughter, Bhagavati trained with Next Generation Yoga to become certified in teaching yoga to kids and recently co-created with her daughter a yoga, breathwork and meditation series for children ages 10-12 entitled Calm the Funk Down. 

Professionally, Bhagavati is currently serving as the School Health Community Strategist for the Oregon Department of Education where she utilizes her skills for aligning systems to help advance the State's health in education initiatives. Bhagavati bridges her state service with her passions for yoga and holistic health and well-being by offering a free weekly yoga to her fellow state employees - across agencies & across the state. As a bhakta, Bhagavati weaves her devotion into her daily rhythm – on and off the mat. 

Bhagavati is passionate about human potential and is in service to the Divine Mother. Bhagavati is a disciple of Amma and received mantra initiation in 2008

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